The Disruptive Business Network and Humanities 21 are thrilled to co-host the Boo Radley Bookclub

The purpose of the book club is to investigate what lessons business can learn from literature. Each month we look at a classic work of literature from a contemporary business lens.

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Past Events

17. Christine Nixon: On Leadership!

The Disruptive Business Network was honoured to host former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Christine Nixon at an event. As a leader Christine has been on the forefront when it comes to leading through uncertainty or ‘disruptive change’. She rose to the top of a male dominated culture and led a staff of 14,000 through some pretty extreme circumstances. The topic for the event was 'On Leadership' and Christine's experience has at times been highly praised, highly criticised but never ignored.

16. The Great Disruption Debate: 'The Lecture Hall is Done For! A Campus Based Education is Futile'

A good old-fashioned Oxford-style debate. Is the assumption that a University based education is the only path to reaching a fulfilling career under fire? With the soaring costs of higher education does the traditional lecture hall stand a chance? Will Moocs and the likes of General Assembly win or is campus based education still a necessity? We have brought together two amazing teams that passionately represent opposing sides of the debate. 
Prepare to have your assumptions challenged and your mind broadened.

15. Simon Griffiths On Meaningful Work

Simon Griffiths who Co-founded Who Gives a Crap and Shebeen bar on how he got to where he is now and all things meaningful work!

14. The Disruptive Ideas Club

We gather round to explore the ideas of a book that makes us all see the world a little differently. This time around we will be discussing Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, by Dan Pink. One of the pillars of the Disruptive Business Network is the pursuit of meaningful work. This remains for many of us endearing but stubbornly elusive. The TED talk based on the book is one of the most watched with over 13 million views.

13. Disruption with Gus Balbontin.

It is rare for a company to possess an emotional pull powerful enough to invoke a sense of longing. It is even rarer for a company to instill feelings of freedom, adventure and exploration. Ever since its inception in the 1970s Lonely Planet has provided the blueprint, the lodestar and more importantly the inspiration for generations of travelers: From scruffy backpackers to the not-so-scruffy-I-can-afford-a-room traveller. But even a beloved company and brand such as Lonely Planet is not immune to the forces of disruption.

12. Launch Night for 2015!

This is a FREE event, so it's a great chance to get a feel for DBN before we roll out our calendar of events and amazing speakers for 2015.

11. A conversation with James Tutton.

Founder of Moonlight Cinema James Tutton tells all about his entrepreneurial experiences and latest ventures. he has bought a part interest in the design-driven property company Neometro - where he is currently a director. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur James has a deep social conscience having championed Neometro's social ventures- 3000acres, Slopes and Open Journal. His latest venture is Smiling Mind, a meditation app and online resource for young people.

10. Disruptive Design with TED Speaker, Leyla Acaroglu.

Traditionally products have been designed to fit the aesthetic, the functional and the marketable - but there is a fourth pillar that is rarely addressed. Responsibility. Responsibility to society and to the environment. As designers and manufacturers what impact on the planet are our choices in materials and processes having? As consumers what are the misconceptions about sustainability that we fall prey too? What are the unintended consequences of our good intentions? Leyla will be addressing how to ‘disrupt design for a better world’.

9. The Disruptive Ideas Club: examining The Icarus Deception: How high will you fly? By Seth Godin.

In the book Godin lays the groundwork and sounds a clarion call for inevitable shift from the industrial economy to what he refers to as 'The Connection Economy'.

8. Disruption! In Business and Life with Peter Williams.

How does disruption apply to our personal lives? We all start our professional lives and careers with the best intentions. School - University - Meaningful jobs/careers and hence meaningful lives. But almost always our plans get ‘disrupted’. Can looking at our lives through the lens of Clay Christensen’s theories - help us lead more fulfilling lives?

7. Mindfulness in Business with Dr Elise Bialylew, Jan Stewart, Ross Hill and Brian Kurtz

Mindfulness in business has proven to be of benefit in both traditional and non-traditional workplaces. But how would self-awareness, a calmer disposition and a clear undistracted mind affect productivity, creativity and idea generation? Well-known companies such as Telstra, Google, Apple, Deutsche Bank and Procter and Gamble have implemented mindfulness programs for their employees. Mindfulness enhances intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to manage yourself and is perfect for the workplace. Mindfulness in business is invaluable particularly when new or extra pressures are being applied during a business, career or life transition.

6. Money Matters with Pete Williams

Financial concerns are the biggest barrier to having the confidence and freedom to throw everything into your business or project. We think it's time to have an event that addresses that concern. sharing his gained wisdom and insights on how entrepreneurs should manage money. Yes, how to manage money. You will walk away inspired and much more capable of dealing with 'all that money stuff' - the stuff we often dread thinking about.

5. The Art of Business with Clare Bowditch. Sponsored by Redbubble and Uber.

The legacy of left-brain dominance in business is prevalent: engineers, lawyers, consultants overly depend on processes, frameworks and automation. This marriage of facts and data, this focus on detail and analytics results in a dearth in right brain experiences such as empathy, creativity, story telling and the experience of Flow. How can businesses embrace the right brain and create art? Clare's jam is all about teaching creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that make sense.

4. The Journey to Purposeful Work with David Hood, Pip Devine and Alison Hardacre.

Finding a sense of purpose in the work that we do is one of the great human longings and yet so many of us remain caught in the hamster wheel of unfulfilling work. There are many roadblocks. The important ones being: time, money and what society considers prestigious. But there are individuals (and not just the Jobsian high profile ones) who have fought the good fight and come out the other side in careers that are able to express their skill and enthusiasm more than any other. We will be hearing from three of them. They are people just like you, that have overcome some incredible roadblocks and are doing amazing things.

3. The Ideas factory with Steve Sammartino.

We all have ideas - businesses we want to build, books/songs/blogs we want to write, that app/website that is going to change the world. But very few of us do what it takes to bring those ideas to fruition. There are constant roadblocks, doubts - what Steven Pressfield calls the 'dragon of resistance'. What does it take to execute an idea? What are the combination of attributes? What are the raw materials that go into 'the ideas factory' that deliver the expected results?

2. Disrupt your life with Will Dayble and Eyal Halamish

When it comes to having an impact in the broader world it requires having a mind that things a little bit differently, that recognises assumptions and habits. We change the world first by changing ourselves. Security, safety, comfort - we evolved to seek these out. The industrial economy fostered these traits: go to school, go to uni, get a job. Efficiency, productivity, profit being the mantra. The things that you are passionate about relegated to an after hours hobby - if that. But what would it take to disrupt that, smash the status quo, take the dependable future and break it. What would it mean to bring your individuality to the fore - do what you are passionate about, be your own boss, create art. What would be the consequences? That is what we want to explore.

WGAC Press 4
1. Launch Night with Simon Griffiths.

We love the idea of doing things differently - from small scale innovations that make us more productive, effective or connected, right through to true disrutpion that throws an entire industry on its head. We are very lucky to have the venue owner, the great social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths present at this event. Simon is a co-founder of Who Gives a Crap, a toilet paper brand that donates half its profits to the developing world for imrpoved sanitation (taking on a seriously big problem). As if that wasn't enough, he founded SheBeen - a bar that is not only top-shelf cool but also donates ALL of its profits to the developing world. We really love how Simon is taking everyday activities and turning them into acts of charity.