Disruptive Business Network

What if the Status Quo is wrong?

The Disruptive Business network is an event series that was born out of a desire to bring together the mavericks, game-changers, revolutionaries who want to ‘re-imagine the value of business’. We are a platform to inspire, debate and educate. Business can be a force for good. Products should be inspiring, employees should be engaged and the value of a business is not just the wealth of its shareholders.
New ideas and technology are changing business. Standardised workers in standardised jobs building standardised products are becoming a relic of the past as we move from the industrial economy to what Seth Godin refers to as the connection economy. If such a shift is on the horizon what are the tools we need to prepare? This event series is not about having the answers but asking the questions. We are creating a network of people who currently think around disruptive lines and thrive on change for the better. The three areas we look at are good business, meaningful work and disruptive innovation.
If you are one of the mavericks, game-changers and revolutionaries who care about these issues, we invite you to come along