Mindfulness in business has proven to be of benefit in both traditional and non-traditional workplaces. But how would self-awareness, a calmer disposition and a clear undistracted mind affect productivity, creativity and idea generation? Well-known companies such as Telstra, Google, Apple, Deutsche Bank and Procter and Gamble have implemented mindfulness programs for their employees. Mindfulness enhances intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to manage yourself and is perfect for the workplace. Mindfulness in business is invaluable particularly when new or extra pressures are being applied during a business, career or life transition.

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Christine Nixon: on Leadership

The Disruptive Business Network is honoured to host Christine Nixon at our next event. To us Melbourne natives, Christine is no stranger. She is the former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police (the first woman to hold...

The Great Disruption Debate: ‘The Lecture Hall is Done For! A Campus Based Education is Futile’

A good old-fashioned Oxford-style debate. Is the assumption that a University based education is the only path to reaching a fulfilling career under fire? With the soaring costs of higher education does the traditional...

Simon Griffiths
Simon Griffiths: on Meaningful Work

Simon Griffiths who Co-founded Who Gives a Crap and Shebeen bar on how he got to where he is now and all things meaningful work!