James Tutton: on Entrepreneurship

September 25th 2017, under

Founder of Moonlight Cinema James Tutton tells all about his entrepreneurial experiences and latest ventures. he has bought a part interest in the design-driven property company Neometro – where he is currently a director. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur James has a deep social conscience having championed Neometro’s social ventures- 3000acres, Slopes and Open Journal. His latest venture is Smiling Mind, a meditation app and online resource for young people.

How does disruption apply to our personal lives? We all start our professional lives and careers with the best intentions. School – University – Meaningful jobs/careers and hence meaningful lives. But almost always our plans get ‘disrupted’. Can looking at our lives through the lens of Clay Christensen’s theories – help us lead more fulfilling lives?

Pete Williams: Money Matters

September 25th 2017, under

Financial concerns are the biggest barrier to having the confidence and freedom to throw everything into your business or project. We think it’s time to have an event that addresses that concern. sharing his gained wisdom and insights on how entrepreneurs should manage money. Yes, how to manage money. You will walk away inspired and much more capable of dealing with ‘all that money stuff’ – the stuff we often dread thinking about.