What is the role of empathy in Business? You decide in this Oxford-Style Debate

Does having empathy make you successful? Or is it a hindrance, smothering logic with emotions? This debate will expose how empathy affects our workplaces, our policy-makers, and which charities we choose to support.

In this Oxford-style debate, the audience will decide whether the statement ‘empathy is an impediment to success’ is true or false. Bring your pre-conceived ideas and cast your vote before we begin, but don’t be surprised if your opinion has changed by the time our four speakers have shared their insights.

This event is presented in partnership with Humanities 21


The legacy of left-brain dominance in business is prevalent: engineers, lawyers, consultants overly depend on processes, frameworks and automation. This marriage of facts and data, this focus on detail and analytics results in a dearth in right brain experiences such as empathy, creativity, story telling and the experience of Flow. How can businesses embrace the right brain and create art? Clare’s jam is all about teaching creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that make sense.