Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void.


Sisyphus and The Bionicles

A post I wrote on the difference drudgery and meaningful work and what to do about it

How to do what you love
Paul Graham – founder of Y-Combinator and the Oracle of Silicon Valley on what holds us back fro doing what we love (namely prestige and money) and how to forge a path to meaningful work.

Gladwell on what makes people disruptive
Malcolm Gladwell best selling author on the three attitudes that most game changers and disruptors possess: being disagreeable, the ability to reframe a problem and the knack for removing constraints.

The best online learning resources
Did you know the internet is more than just GIFs and feeling jealous over your friend’s awesome travel photos (bastards!) – check out these resources and get edumacated!

– Rahul Soans